Berggruen Museum-Berlin

_MG_0827-Edit-Edit _MG_0837-Edit _MG_0829BerlinStaircase-Edit-2In a visit to Berlin a few years ago, I was fortunate to visit a small museum with a very interesting history and  a wonderful collection of modern art, primarily works of Picasso, Matisse, Giacometti and Klee. “Many art dealers regard it as the best modern collection on permanent display outside Paris or New York “as reported in an article in The Guardian.  I enjoyed the interior design almost as much as the art and these photographs of the staircase are among my favorite B&W images. The museum has been recently renovated and should you find yourself in Berlin, I highly recommend a visit.

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The Dark Metropolis

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

This spring was a photographically productive time for me. In addition to the workshop “Retracing the Modern Masters” that I referenced in my last post, I participated in a workshop entitled “The Dark Metropolis” at ICP taught by an excellent architectural photographer Alex Fradkin. His instruction and encouragement resulted in several of the images in my gallery “Glass & Steel”. Our goal during the workshop was to photograph New York after sunset. It was a large and active workshop which resulted in many fine photographs from the participants. I am aware of at least two members of the group who will be showing images created during the workshop in galleries in the metropolitan area. I have included two of my favorite images created during the workshop.

Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center


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My Bio “Not an X-ray”

Today I added (see above) a biography of sorts- a piece written in 1999 by my oldest son Roger to celebrate as he put it “Rothman’s first solo exhibition… a mid-career survey” (my only one I might add and held in the basement of our home not the Guggenheim or MOMA) on the occasion of my 60th birthday. I remember it well. Hundreds of visitors from the length and breadth of Bergen County, NJ filled the basement to near capacity. It was a blast highlighted by his wonderfully witty, warm, often tongue-in-cheek, and thoroughly entertaining description  of the works on display and the “photographer” behind them.

Roger was, at the time, a graduate student in Art History at Columbia University and is now an Associate Professor of Art History at Bucknell University.

I hope you take the time to read it. I am of course biased but it is very funny.

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During a recent workshop at The International Center of Photography (ICP), taught by an excellent teacher/photographer, Elliott Kaufman, our class of five revisited the site of Bruce Davidson’s iconic book “East 100th Street” (photographed during the late 1960’s) and also the Manhattan Bridge (opened in 1909), a site represented in Eugene de Salignac’s outstanding book “New York Rises”, which illustrates the explosive construction of bridges and buildings in NYC from 1906 to 1934. I highly recommend both books for any photographer interested in NYC.  Our goal was to replicate as closely as possible one or more of the images from these books- recognizing that time may have  considerably altered the landscape and then photograph whatever interested us.  I have always been fascinated by graffiti and was struck by these examples from each site-clear reflections of the altered landscapes and their inhabitants.

Graffiti East 100th Street

Graffiti East 100th Street

Clothes line and Graffiti from the Manhattan Bridge

Clothes line and roof top Graffiti from the Manhattan Bridge

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Moon over 6th Avenue

Moon over 6th Avenue is a composite image created by layering a 3 exposure handheld HDR image taken late in the afternoon in February with an early evening sky captured in August in Stockbridge, MA. The image is part of an ongoing series depicting the monumental buildings of NYC and can also be viewed in the gallery “Glass & Steel” . 

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Just Starting

I am finally taking the plunge after months of procrastination. It’s the afternoon of July 7, 2013 in Stockbridge. Anne and I were planning a relaxing few hours on the lawn at Tanglewood listening to the Boston Pops. But thundershowers forced a change in plans and instead I spent the afternoon learning a bit about managing this blog and uploading one of my favorite images (Musee d’Orsay) as the first header. At 73 I am now officially part of the blogosphere. I will need a great deal of help going forward and will look to my children and more frequently to my grandchildren for help and guidance in this endeavor.

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