Josie Diana

Josie Diana 7/27/2013

Josie Diana 7/27/2013

Canon 5DMkIII, ISO 1600, Canon 24-70mm f/4 @ 70mm, f/6.3 at 1/125 sec., processed in Lightroom 5 and Silver Efex Pro 2

This image was taken during a week in July when all our grandchildren were with us in Stockbridge. Have a look at some other images from that week in the gallery “Summer Week 2013” above.

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3 Responses to Josie Diana


    the photo of the child is superb.the only trouble you may have is that someone will see it and hope you may accomplish the same with their child.are you ready for this.

    i must admit,i find the technical info’re too’re above that.stand tall doctor.let the photo nerds at BCC speak technically. that’s all they know.they can’t take anything this accomplished.allow that charming moment to express itself with out distraction.


    one last comment.stop titling the photos.if that old Chinese man was correct-a picture is worth a thousand words,be silent and let you work express itself.”moon over 6th ave.” why stint on your about ,”moon over the avenue of the americas”.aggggggggh !no more see spot run photos.

    go to amazon and buy Sabastiano Salgado’s new book-Genisis.
    you’ll never caption a photo again.basta cosi.suficiente.

  3. I like the titles — reminds me of how he (or I) titled his b/w film photos in pen. I also like the technical info. That’s how the rest of us who love his work are going to learn and get better!


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