The Dark Metropolis

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

This spring was a photographically productive time for me. In addition to the workshop “Retracing the Modern Masters” that I referenced in my last post, I participated in a workshop entitled “The Dark Metropolis” at ICP taught by an excellent architectural photographer Alex Fradkin. His instruction and encouragement resulted in several of the images in my gallery “Glass & Steel”. Our goal during the workshop was to photograph New York after sunset. It was a large and active workshop which resulted in many fine photographs from the participants. I am aware of at least two members of the group who will be showing images created during the workshop in galleries in the metropolitan area. I have included two of my favorite images created during the workshop.

Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center


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4 Responses to The Dark Metropolis

  1. Madeleine Grossman says:

    Both of the Alice Tully Hall photos are beautiful, but I think I prefer the black and white. Which do you prefer?
    I also love “Not an X-ray”.

  2. I usually prefer your black and whites but for Alice Tully I actually love the color. It really evokes a special feeling about the blur of colors that makes up NYC after dark.

  3. Roger Rothman says:

    Both are amazing!


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