My Bio “Not an X-ray”

Today I added (see above) a biography of sorts- a piece written in 1999 by my oldest son Roger to celebrate as he put it “Rothman’s first solo exhibition… a mid-career survey” (my only one I might add and held in the basement of our home not the Guggenheim or MOMA) on the occasion of my 60th birthday. I remember it well. Hundreds of visitors from the length and breadth of Bergen County, NJ filled the basement to near capacity. It was a blast highlighted by his wonderfully witty, warm, often tongue-in-cheek, and thoroughly entertaining description  of the works on display and the “photographer” behind them.

Roger was, at the time, a graduate student in Art History at Columbia University and is now an Associate Professor of Art History at Bucknell University.

I hope you take the time to read it. I am of course biased but it is very funny.

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4 Responses to My Bio “Not an X-ray”

  1. Great bio – lovingly written and captures you to a tee.

  2. Barbara Title says:

    Thanks for telling me about your fabulous web site. The photos are terrific and I look forward to visiting your site often and viewing “more terrific stuff”. Am proud to have one of your older photos hanging on my wall.

  3. Les Picker says:

    Lew, I LOVE your new site. Not bad for an alter cocker! Kidding aside, it really is wonderful. You have such a great eye for architecture. I’m making this site one of my “favorites” so you better keep adding to it!!

    PS: Tully in B&W gets my vote.

    PPS: Leslie says hi

  4. Wendy Lazar says:

    I forgot how brilliant Roger’s piece “Not an X-Ray” was! Loved it then; love it now.


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